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So you want to learn German? I found a method that really works! It’s SWIFT & FUN

Research has shown that German language is not acquired by learning a long list of  vocabulary and boring grammar rules.  You see, I struggled so you won’t have to! I finally cracked the code. You can too! Learn German with me.

What People are Saying

Frau Love is really energetic and enthusiastic when teaching. Her class is always fun and I always look forward to it.  She is extremely patient and is ready to repeat many times over if one requires. Looking forward to speaking fluent German soon and I’m sure I can with Frau Love being my Lehrerin.



Love is a great teacher. She makes learning the language very interesting and easy. I was learning German before with a school and I was always lost in class. But after I met Love I have made a lot of progress in my German speaking and writing. I have more confidence speaking the language and I have also improved greatly in my grammar. If you are looking for a German teacher I will recommend her again and again!



Love is a fantastic teacher. She is always patient with me, since I am a slow learner. Very positive response to me, even when I am making her go back to the topic been taught before. I will recommend her



She knows how to handle her students, talk softly until you understand the topic. You will learn a lot and enjoy the subject.. she’s kind, cheerful, knowledgeable and intelligent . it’s my great pleasure to be one of her student.


The Philippines

Love is an outstanding German teacher! She is always super available to explain again if you have any doubts and she encourages you to take the lead! She has a great ability to involve anyone in the group and she provides useful exercises and content to improve faster. Give yourself a favor and book a lesson with her!

Silvia Ghirotti


I have known Love and her German prowess for about 2 years and I must say she’s a genius at what she does. While I do not speak German, I have witnessed the passion with which Love teaches her students the German language. Most of her students have moved on to work in Germany and they send her lots of appreciation. I recommend Love as the go to tutor for every serious person interested in learning German language.